It’s the day before Thanksgiving Break and you. are. done.

Oh, my goodness. I’ve got JUST what you need. It’s a game. It’s educational. Meet: The Unfair Game: Thanksgiving Edition.

Make teams. I do 3 or 4.


  • There are 20 questions listed on a paper, all Thanksgiving themed. Mostly multiple choice.
  • Some super easy. Some super hard. Not in any order. (This is unfair, remember?)
  • Each question is assigned a point value from +10 to -10, omitting 0.
  • Team 1 picks a question number. Read the question. 
  • If they get it correct, reveal the points it was worth. Ask what they would like to do with the points – keep them for themselves or give them to another team?
  • Goal of the game: End with points closest to zero. Positive points are better than negative points, so +1 is better than -1.
  • Did team 1 get the question wrong? It goes to the next team. If no one gets it, the points die, and the answer is revealed.
  • No matter who ends up getting the points, it’s team 2s turn to pick the next question.

And guess what? If an administrator drops by, they’ll be FLOORED you’re playing an educational game while co-workers are showing videos.

And guess what ELSE? Print-and-go, friends! You’ll need about 10 minutes to just read over the directions, and you’ll be set. Honestly, you don’t HAVE to print. Only you need to see the questions and answers. Got a board and chalk/markers?! You’re all set!

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