Let me tell you about three of my all-time-greatest-creations for back to school. This is middle school GOLD, by the way. I’ll keep this post short because I know you have a TON of planning to do…

  1. All about me letter: Make a fill in the blank letter from your students to you. Kids LOVE to tell you all about themselves. Include whatever you want. I have my kids tell me- favorites (classes, colors, activities, friends, hobbies) and struggles (classes, general life), I sprinkle it with some background information (who they live with, number of siblings, etc.), and the final section lets them feel connected… what they want from me as their teacher and anything else they want me to know.Slide85
  2. This second one is a FULL group activity. The more- the merrier. Here is a video that explains how to play. I sell this activity bundled with the above letter HERE.


  3. Survival Simulations: I offer three survival simulations in my store. Each one offers insight into different researched survival scenario. The open ocean survival is my favorite for back to school. It goes something like this: you read your class a story about how while on a deep sea fishing trip off the coast of Oregon (everyone sit on their desk, this is your boat!), their boat is going down… and fast! (That’s when you turn out the lights). What items should they choose to ensure both survival and rescue? They have options. Each selection is worth a different point value… but they don’t know that. They need 30 points to survive. After they choose three items from their bag, go through the PowerPoint and see who survived! I also offer a zombie survival, which is more involved, as well as an arctic survival (for before Christmas break). I spent HOURS reading about these scenarios. (Did you know the CDC has a zombie apocalypse survival website?! Ha!). Anyway, the rankings of items for each activity is based on a culmination of researched articles. Enjoy! You can find these activities HERE.

I hope you have a GREAT school year!

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