Are we done yet? Here are my top 3 activities for surviving that last week of school. Use these as bait to keep your middle school gang on task as they finish out their last unit. Tell them just enough to get them excited.

3. It certainly FEELS like the end of days… so why NOT do a zombie survival activity?!

This is number three because it does take prep. Once you prep, though, you’ll have it ready for years to come. You can purchase this resource HERE.

2. Pringles Ringle Challenge. Buy a bunch of pringles. Google search “pringles ringle challenge,” and show students images. Give each group a can or two of pringles. They’ll be busy for about 45 minutes.


1. Exploding watermelon. You’ll need: a watermelon (average size), a ton of rubber bands, a bucket or something to place the watermelon on, safety goggles, and room outside… this one makes a MESS. I actually do this with the entire 8th grade, outside, on the last day of classes.

Students work in groups putting rubber bands around the center of the watermelon until it explodes. I provide one watermelon per homeroom and make it a race. Including clean-up, this takes about 45 minutes. Enjoy!


Enjoy those last few days of school!

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